Blogging Mistake #1

This Blogging Super Mistake is in the number one spot because it’s the single biggest and MOST deadly error that ANY business owner can make when it comes to blogging.

NOT focusing on using your business blog to provide value and creating profit.

WHY is it a Mistake…

The bottom line is, we’re talking about “business” blogging here and business means profiting because you’ve provided value to your customers or clients.

If you profit WITHOUT providing value shame on you. If you provide value WITHOUT profiting, shame on the people you’re providing value to.

There is no way to continue offering whatever valuable product or service you provide WITHOUT an exchange of money happening on a regular basis. It’s how you stay in business.

Money is simply an energy exchange that indicates that whatever you’re doing is helping someone else in some way.

For this reason, you’ve got to build your business blog, and create all of your messaging in a way that leads to an exchange of money or other type of value that sustains your business.

FIX the Mistake…

Fixing this particular Mistake is actually fairly easy if you have the right information and the right tool.

In this case as far as tools, the JMS platform is it definitely the platform that has the most sales psychology embedded within it.

And when it comes to information, JMS is best in class at delivering the the highest quality information on blogging and sales psychology around.