Blogging Mistake #2

Are you in business for yourself?

Don’t mistake that for; “being in business BY yourself”.

There are two ways to approach building your blog, getting readers, and attracting team members…

WHY is it a Mistake…

You can stand on the virtual street corner all day and shout, “I’m awesome! Check out my blog!” and you might get a few people to stop by and read or listen…building your blog readership painfully slow…one…reader…at…a…time…

Or, you can enlist the help of others (your TEAM) who go out and recommend you as a trusted authority and a leader to their friends. They do this by commenting on your blog posts and sharing your posts on social media. You’ll reach endless numbers of people.

Fix the Mistake…

If you’re trying to build your blog alone, hoping somehow to reach a BIG audience, and make a difference, you’re taking the SLOWEST and least likely to succeed approach. You need a TEAM!

Building a TEAM for your blog allows you to:

  • Reach a MUCH bigger audience than you ever could alone
  • Plugin to a circle of support that encourages you and keeps you going
  • Post new content confidently, knowing that it will be immediately read and shared
  • Get your content all over the social networks, boosting your traffic and your SEO

There’s no excuse. Get a TEAM.

You’ve got three options:

  1. Keep doing what you’re doing… going it alone and hoping for the best… really? That seems like a pretty wussy move.
  2. Start building your TEAM. That’s smarter than option 1, and kudos if you’re doing this, but there’s a much better option!
  3. Plugin existing TEAMs of like-minded blogging entrepreneurs who understand the value of working together and leverage the community to build your blog fast!