Blogging Mistake #3

So you’re thrifty…

A penny saved is a penny earned right?

Absolutely, unless the effort you’re putting into saving that penny is costing you the REAL money and success you are after with your business blog.

WHY is it a Mistake…
There are only so many hours in the day and just about anything that’s “free” isn’t likely designed to make you money right out of the box. You’re gonna have to tweak, and tailor, and adjust, and guess what?

All of that stuff is FRICTION of the highest order!

Fix the Mistake…
Like you will hear in Mistake 5, spending too much money to get your Internet business set up is a misfortune, but the flip side of the coin is trying do everything for “free.” Trying to do everything for free is a huge Mistake.

In the long run it can actually cost you more money than paying a premium price.

What you need to find is a system like the JMS platform that’s affordable enough for you to get started and powerful enough for you to do everything required of a large successful online business.