501(c) Donation Buttons

To accept donations, put a Donate button on your marketing system. Donors can then click the button to make donations.

Accept donations made with credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal right away.  No monthly, set-up, or cancellation fees. Only low transaction fees. Donors don’t need a PayPal account to make their donations.

Did you know that your donate button can significantly affect online donations? As silly as it may seem, donors respond to the color, size and copy on the donate button. Learn several easy ways to present your donate buttons and give them the emotional tone that touches people and invites them to donate.

Studies show that about half of those who receive an appeal for funds in the mail will checkout the organization’s website. Are you capitalizing on this? Is your organization optimizing its web pages to increase fund-raising? Having clever and inspirational online content coupled with optimization techniques can make a big difference in converting advocates, subscribers and other supporters into donors.

Although it may sound silly to you, the donate button your nonprofit is using can greatly affect online donations. If you are using the small, gray standard “Submit” button, you might be waving good-bye to a lot of donations. Studies have found that color, size and the copy on the donate button are crucial in enticing people to donate.

Easy steps to create your Donate Buttons

  • Location. Put your Donate Now button “above the fold.” Eliminate the need to scroll to find the button. The upper right corner is prime website real state. Use large Donate Now buttons. Make it obvious. Make it impossible to miss.
  • Use color. A little color goes a long way. Colorful, high-contrast donate buttons work better than gray buttons.
  • Use specific language. Buttons with a specific call-to-action (“Donate Now”) perform better than a gray button that says “Submit.”
  • Stand out. Make sure your “Donate Now” button stands out from the rest of your website. Put it on every page. The act of giving is immediate. We can not predict what page someone will be on when they are inspired to donate. Increase your chances of receiving a donation by putting the button on every page.
  • It is not just for your website. Include the Donate Now button in every communication (blog, e-newsletter, email signature).
  • Test it out. It shouldn’t take someone more than 3 seconds to find your “Donate Now” button.   To help increase your online donations, you need to optimize your donate now button. Give your button the emotional tone that touches people and invites them to donate.

Donate Button FAQ’s

How will my organization receive donations made with JMS?

Donations will appear directly in your organization’s online PayPal account through a donate button on your site. On the Reports page, you can view the donor’s transaction amount, and transaction date.

Can my organization accept donations from donors who don’t have a PayPal account?

Yes, donors without PayPal accounts can still pay or donate by credit card or debit card on the PayPal site.

How can my organization access funds in its PayPal account?

Funds appear in your PayPal account within minutes after the online transaction is completed. Simply transfer the funds at no charge to your organization’s checking account.

Does my organization have access to any reports on its PayPal transactions?

Yes, JMS offers online reports in a variety of formats that allow your organization to analyze its revenue sources, automate time-consuming bookkeeping tasks, and accurately settle and reconcile transactions. Your organization can also view a transaction log on its online donation account. The log displays transaction date, payer name, email address, and transaction amount.